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The Happiest Response How happy are couples that have sex at the national average of about once a week?While most of us might be inclined to believe that more sex is related to more happiness, research suggests there is a point of diminishing returns.The Potentially Problematic Response The study described above, which focused on sexual frequency and happiness, did conclude that those who were having sex less than once a week reported lower levels of happiness than those having sex once a week (or more).But according to other studies and experts on the topic, there is a considerable range of lower than average sexual frequencies.

If you want to hookup after the first date and it feels right for both of you, then why the hell not?But having lots of bad sex isn’t going to make anyone happy, nor is it going to leave you feeling satisfied.It's important to recognize that the reasons we aren't having sex matter more than how often we are having it.The sample included those who were single, dating, married, and cohabitating.When the authors looked at married couples specifically, the average sexual frequency was slightly lower, at 51 sexual encounters a year, or just less than once a week on average.

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