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"On average, in Mexico City, couples touched each other 185 times an hour; in Paris it was 115 times an hour.In London, couples did not touch each other at all and in Florida [USA] it was twice an hour." (pp 109-10) Needless to say, affectionate touching (not necessarily sexual), is a basic way to communicate desire, trust, and love to a partner, so try doing it more.

Sexual identity: some lesser known sexual identities, that I tend to identify with are Demisexuals and Graysexuals.

Humans are a unique species in that we are wired for both monogamy and polyamory. I am definitely monogamous, when I image being in a polyamorous relationship I quickly understand that my response would be to give up and go find someone who wants to be monogamous.

It was refreshing to hear that we are hardwired for both, with some people tending towards monogamy and others towards polyamory.

Affairs: I was honestly shocked to read that "research demonstrates that most relationships do recover from an affair." (p 181) That blew my mind.

Monogamy and Polyamory: "Only 30% of primates are down for monogamy, and only 3% of mammals. This holds true of all genders." (p 188) That's 50/50 for both men and women, so watch out you sexist creeps.

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