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These two pieces of research have the power to transform your dating life–in the best possible ways. New York Times bestselling author, brilliant leader at the forefront of the world’s sharing economy, Chip Conley is an expert in bringing wisdom to life’s deepest challenges.

And, as you’ll hear, he has lived those challenges!

(Either your love for your partner or your partners’ love for you.) This is perhaps the most painful and least understood relationship dynamic of all.

In this episode you’ll learn about what causes this experience, and what you can do to bring the love back.

In this episode, I’ll share a simple way to stay connected to your heart, develop your sense of discrimination, and lead you most quickly to the love you desire.

This episode touches upon some of the most important dating lessons of all.

In this episode, you’ll learn what science has to say about whether playing hard-to-get really works, AND the single most desired quality in a prospective partner—by men and women of all ages!

It will teach you the path to gratification and away from emptiness.

And you’ll learn what your deep-down self has been trying to tell you about love and intimacy, probably for a really long time. For links and resources discussed in this episode, please visit our show notes at These four stages lead both to healthy love and profound inner healing; to self-discovery, authentic empowerment and a life much more filled with love.

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The path of authenticity strengthen and empowers us–and leads us much more directly to healthy love.

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