No dating just sex

After all, sexual health is an important part of general health, Foley says.

Women complain to me -- I was ready to try these things, but I couldn't get my partner to do it." Often, the irritability and crankiness is actually masking anxiety and depression.Very often, couples are headed toward a bigger disconnect in the marriage -- and possibly divorce, says Pepper Schwartz, Ph D, professor of sociology, psychiatry, and behavioral medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle.Schwartz is on the Health Advisory Board at Web MD, and author of several books including Prime: Adventures and Advice about Sex, Love, and the Sensual Years."It moves from the romantic and exciting to an attachment kind of loving, fondness," Foley tells Web MD."That gotta have it, gotta have it feeling is gone." Take stock of what you want, she advises.

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